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"The gold at the end of the rainbow is found in the hearts of those who love Jesus"
By Samuel Bushnell
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Samuel's Testimony
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I was born in Terrell, Texas...July 22, 1968. At thre time of my birth, there was a few minutes whre my brain did NOT receive any oxygen.At the time there seem to be no evidence of any damage. At the age of three, I was examined by doctors and they told my parents that I had Cerebral Palsy. The doctors told my parents that I would never walk, run or play like other children. They also said that I would spend thew rest of my life in a wheelchair. My parents have a great deal of faith in the Lord and because of that faith...I am able to walk and take care of myself. I work a A-Brite Chemical Company in Dallas doing various duties including driving a forklift, paper work, shipping orders, label processing and more.

I have been far from the Lord. When I was growing up, my parents and I always went to church. There was a time when i did not go to church. That was when I first go my car. I felt free and thought I had enough of the church stuff. I wanted to see the world and find out what was in store for me. No, I did nor cut the Lord completely out of my life. I always had HIM in my heart and I asked HIM many times to watch over me and keep me safe. I would pray and ask HIM for answers through a song. Because of those songs I love music and singing. The Lord would always answer me in a song when I wasd nor following real close to HIM.

I was living with my father after my mom and dad divorced. When I was seventeen, I moved to Royce City, Tx. and lived with my mother. I didf not have many friends and I searched for something to add flavor to my life. My mom suggested that I visit the Mesquite Opry so I took mom's advice and went to the Opry. WOW, that changed my life in a BIG way. I met Robert & Emma Tucker, Janet McBride, Jr. Knight, Mike Tucker, Paul Polish and made many more friends. Soon, I became a part of the Opry for about 10 years and it Changed my life. I worked with spotlights, stage setting and a lot more.

I left the Opry and a few months and started hanging out and clubs, drinking and partying.. I heard that the Opry was closing down and decided to go back and see my friends and see about keeping in touch. While I was away, I asked the Lord to save me one Thursday night while I was watching TBN. After that I started back to church in Terrell, Tx with my family. I felt that I wanted to do more than just sit in a pew and I asked God to let me be HIS wrench to tighen down HIS bolts. I looked up my friend Emma Tucker because she always understood me. She was like another mother to me and she was always there to talk to. She told me that she was looking for a vacant bldg. to start a church and then I realized that this is where the Lord wanted me to be. Emma found a place and started a church. She wanted to start up a country style singing and she didn't have many singers around. I told Emma I woulds sing. We worked on my singing and the first song I sang was "My Pony & Me". IO finally got some sound tracks and I've beed singing ever since! The Brotherly Love church started a gospel radio show in Palestine, Tx., and I was part of the show being a DJ and more..

The Lord has answered my prayers. He has given me a wonderful family. I met an awesome woman back in 1998 Her name is Hollie. We fell in love and got married in 2001 and it's been GREAT!! I thank the Lord for everything, for my parents, their prayers and for each and every step that I take....REMEMBER, I was not suppose to walk!

Samuel Bushnell

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